To use Formation studio, python 3.6 or higher is required. You can download and install python here.

Formation studio can be installed using pip:

pip install formation-studio


Some linux distributions do not include pip and require you to install it separately. You can follow these instructions to do so.

If you are using multiple versions of python, pip can install Formation studio on a per version basis. For example, if you wanted to specify python 3.7:

pip3.7 install formation-studio

Installation on Linux

Formation studio uses tkinter that (depending on your distribution) may or may not be included by default. If you are using tkinter for the first time it is advised to install tkinter and imagetk.

For Debian based distributions (i.e. Ubuntu) you would use the following:

sudo apt-get install python3-tk, python3-pil.imagetk


If your distribution is not Debian based you will need to subsitute the appropriate installation commands as per your distribution. Furthermore, Formation studio does not support python 2. Please ensure you install python 3 packages only.

Launching Formation studio

Once installed you can launch Formation studio from the command line using the following command: